About Stop Together & Our Journey

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John was a normal guy. He had a girlfriend, stable job and enjoyed a fun social life.

Like many addictions, his problem with porn started off small. He then started to use porn more & more often. Eventually his problem with porn started to impact his relationships & work life. John then sought help. After trying a few things that didn’t work, John eventually began reading into the origins of his addiction, focusing on why it’s happening, techniques to control his thoughts and eventually how to rid porn from his life.

Now John focuses entirely on helping others through his creation of Stop Together which encompasses proven tools created by doctors and counsellors, that helped John get rid of his addiction

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How Stop Together Was Created

No habit or addiction is treated the same. Stop Together has been created by experts in different fields.

Some of the early sessions are created by medical professionals & counsellors, using modern techniques to reprogram the mind.

Cognitive behavioural therapy & meditation techniques were also created by experts in psychology & mental wellbeing.

Meditation experts
Mental wellbeing consultants

Want to stop watching porn?

Our course has shown a reduction in symptoms of 97% of users.


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John spent thousands on therapy, receiving the advice and techniques that he needed to truly understand and overcome his addiction.

Finally reaching a stage where he could manage his addiction without therapy, he began to think of the millions of people in the same position as him, without the means to get the help they truly needed. This is where the idea of Stop Together was formed.


Men helped


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We really hope Stop Together helps you break free and stop watching porn

The Benefits

Stop Together is an online therapy program for those struggling with porn habits & addiction. Our innovative program is based on 6 core milestones with easy to follow chapters for several different types of porn viewers. We cater for those with deep addictions causing severe life impacting issues, as well as for people looking to cut down their porn viewing habits switch cater points around.

Get your life back

A porn addiction can quickly consume your life. Our course helps remove unwanted thoughts & get your life back on track

regain sexual confidence

Porn can have you set unrealistic expectations, causing anxiety and stress. Put your performance back in perspective.

Improve your relationships

Rekindle the ruined relationships damaged by porn. We'll help you repair those bonds

Coming out of isolation

The overuse of porn makes many feel isolated & abandoned. We'll take you through practical steps to build real and fulfilling connections

Clearing your mind

Move your mind away from the thoughts of watching porn and allow yourself to focus on what actually matters.

Unnecessary expenditure

Cut out the hefty prices that come with fulfilling porn urges.

Want to stop watching porn?

Our course has shown a reduction in symptoms of 97% of users.