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10 Best NoFap Trackers to Get You Through

Written by
Dr. R. Y. Langham

September 11, 2023

Medically Reviewed by
Dr. Dianne Steven

Statistics show that over 90% of American young men regularly and/or excessively engage in online porn use. Moreover, Pornhub has approximately 64 million daily visitors – with 75% of them being male. Heavy porn use and porn addiction can lead to a host of physical problems, such as sexual dysfunction. In fact, sexual issues are the biggest complaints in men, who excessively use porn. 

The most common porn-induced sexual dysfunctions are erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), impotence, and low libido or sex drive. Porn use can also lead to emotional issues, such as depression, stress, and/or performance anxiety. And, while porn addiction treatment is the best-case option for resolving porn-related emotional and sexual issues, some men may opt for more natural remedies to help them get their mental, sexual, and physical health back on track – at least initially. 

Others may look for natural ways to supplement or support their formal treatment plans, One natural or alternative treatment that has taken off in recent years is the NoFap challenge. The goal of this challenge is to enhance the sexual experience by withholding ejaculation.

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What is NoFap?

NoFap is a community-based porn recovery organization that offers valuable tools that people can use to connect with other individuals who also want to quit porn and stop the compulsive behaviors commonly linked to heavy porn use. NoFap uses education and support to curb heavy porn use. Although NoFap is primarily a website, it can also be found in forums, articles, and apps. The goal of this porn addiction recovery tool is to help people stop using porn, so they can recover from porn-induced sexual dysfunctions, like ED, PE, etc. 

NoFap aims to help addicts improve their self-esteem and self-confidence, and repair damaged relationships, especially romantic relationships – in the hope that doing so will help them live more fulfilled lives. NoFap’s forum provides porn addicts with a variety of opportunities to interact with others, who have a similar issue. NoFap also helps porn addicts track their progress, ask NoFap experts questions, and gain accountability partners, who can provide support while holding them accountable for their actions or lack thereof. NoFap accountability partners can play an important role in NoFap challenges.

Another goal of NoFap is to promote awareness of the damaging effects that can excessive porn use on someone’s life – i.e., self-esteem and self-confidence, sexual health and satisfaction, relationships, work productivity, mental health, etc., by conducting survey and poll results, scientific evidence, and media commentaries on sexual issues, such as porn addiction.

People, who use NoFap, can choose how they want to “reboot” their brains. Some porn addicts accomplish this task by refraining from masturbating for a specified time – even partaking in NoFap challenges (competing with other addicts or oneself) to loosen the strangling hold that porn has on their lives. This can be especially effective when porn addiction is linked to chronic masturbation. Understand, however, that NoFap does not suggest that all porn addicts that use its services or platforms no longer masturbate because in many cases, that is unrealistic.

And, contrary to popular belief, NoFap is not a worldwide movement. In reality, it is simply an organization dedicated to helping people overcome or better manage their sexual issues, so they can lead happier and more productive lives. Thus, people who partake in NoFap do so because they want to improve themselves – not make the world, as a whole, a better place. 

A common core belief among NoFap users is that abstaining from certain sexual behaviors for a period of time can and will ultimately improve their lives. This “restraint” typically involves withholding ejaculation, also known as semen retention. Although, it could also involve abstaining from porn and/or masturbation for a specified time.

Also, keep in mind that NoFap is not a religious organization. Rather, it addresses porn addiction from a non-religious, secular, and scientific mentality. In other words, NoFap refrains from taking a stance on the ethics, values, and morals of porn use, masturbating, or masturbating to porn. Moreover, NoFap is by no means an anti-masturbation organization. Most NoFap users do not see masturbating as a problem, in general. 

To these individuals, masturbation is only a problem if it is linked to porn, and causing problems in their lives. But, to most administrators and NoFap users, masturbation is not inherently bad or evil. Keep in mind, however, that a small sect of NoFap users do believe that masturbation is “bad,” but this usually comes from specific religious ideologies. Regardless, these users believe that NoFap’s non-judgemental approach works better for them than religious organizations, websites, forums, apps, etc., that preach self-restraint, purity, and celibacy when it comes to sex. 

NoFap does not endorse indefinite abstinence from engaging in sexual behaviors or masturbating. They encourage their users to abstain from these behaviors for a period of time, while their brains “reboot” or “rebalance.”

NoFap also does not try to convince people not to engage in sexual activities. Rather, it believes that quitting porn is one of the most positive things porn addicts can do for themselves. The truth is NoFap wants people to have sex – and to enjoy it. It does not promote, endorse, or encourage people to excessively use porn because science suggests that repeated porn use can cause certain neural pathways to form in the brain, making this activity a “habit.” 

More specifically, heavy porn use desensitizes the brain’s reward system, causing sex with a real-life person undesirable and dissatisfying. The result? Sexual dysfunction, performance anxiety, emotional detachment, and a lack of intimacy in the relationship.

What is Rebooting?

“Rebooting” involves removing the hold porn has over a male, and “restoring” the neural pathways in his brain to the time before his porn entered his life. It is a personal choice so there is no “right or wrong way” to apply it. Thus, porn users and porn addicts to abstain from using porn, masturbating, or having sexual intercourse with someone for a certain amount of time. Many porn users, porn addicts, and masturbation addicts have praised the effects of “rebooting the brain” reporting that it has not only “freed” them from their porn habits, but also remedied their porn-induced masturbation and sexual dysfunctions.

“Rebooting” typically takes around 90 days, however, it can occur sooner or later than this time. Users are expected to refrain from engaging in these sexual behaviors during this time. This is referred to as a “NoFap Challenge.” Although most recovering porn addicts (porn addicts, who no longer use porn) return to masturbating, it typically no longer involves viewing porn. Once the “NoFap Challenge,” most porn users and porn addicts no longer feel tethered to porn, which means they are free to explore new sexual experiences and foster healthier real-life relationships.

What is the NoFap Challenge?

The NoFap Challenge involves “giving up” masturbation for long enough (usually 90 days) to allow your mind and body to “reset themselves,” so you can have a healthier and more productive life. A life that is not controlled by porn. Your NoFap timeline (used during your NoFap Challenge) will vary from other people’s NoFap timelines, primarily because one person’s needs may be different than another person’s needs. The NoFap Challenge typically has 5-7 stages.

What Are NoFap Trackers?

A NoFap tracker is a tool that helps you keep track of the days that you went without masturbating to porn. Experts suggest that the best way to break a “habit” is to track your days, along with your progress – or lack thereof. Once you have progressed through the NoFap Challenge (for weeks or months) it is much harder to return to masturbating to porn. This is important because one mishap or relapse can cause you to regress 20+ days. In other words, it can push you back in your quest toward being free of porn.

A NoFap Tracker is not only used to help you stay on track, but also to help you recognize and celebrate your accomplishments, such as being free of porn. This is similar to drug addicts, who track their progress by the number of days they have remained “clean” or free of drugs. The same concept applies to porn addiction and the NoFap Challenge. Because this tool tracks the days addicts have gone without masturbating to porn, they are less likely to give in to urges to use porn. One benefit of these trackers is that they can be combined with other alternative treatments, like Stop Together, an online porn addiction recovery program.

What Are The 10 Best NoFap Trackers?

There are a host of NoFap Trackers, so it can be hard to figure out the best one for you. The good news is I have compiled a list of the best NoFap Trackers, so you do not have to do the guesswork.

  • NoFap Reddit Tracker

The NoFap Reddit Tracker is one of the most popular NoFap trackers. You can find this tracker on the official NoFap website. This tracker was designed specifically for people who are taking the NoFap Challenge, however, anyone can use it as long as they have a Reddit account. Your days and progress are tracked within Reddit.

It also offers a supported community of NoFappers, which is beneficial for people, who are trying to quit masturbating to porn. This is a good tracker for those struggling with porn and masturbation, however, it does have some “drawbacks,” such as you can only use the tracker if you have a Reddit account. It is not a visual tracker that you can easily access.

  • Habitshare

Habitshare is a social habit and motivation tracking app. Habitshare can be beneficial for Nofappers because it helps them replace “bad habits” with “good ones.” This tracker also schedules reminders to help you remember your new habits. Habitshare is not only flexible but also allows you to customize daily and weekly habits to fit your lifestyle and daily routines. This tracking app also allows you to add your friends and loved ones for extra accountability, support, and motivation.

You get to control which habit(s)your accountability partner gets to see. Keep in mind that most habits are private by default. You are in total control of your privacy. Another benefit of Habitshare is it is 100% free. It is also accessible and convenient. In other words, you can log in and partake in its tools at any time and in any place. It is considered a social tool because your friends and loved ones are allowed to also adopt the habit.

  • Stickk

Stickk is an accountability tracker that was founded on the idea of “Don’t say you will do something if you are not going to do it.” Stickk encourages people (i.e., people who masturbate to porn) to set goals and then publicly share them with others to hold them accountable. Stickk’s goal is to bring negative behaviors to light and prevent people, like porn addicts from giving up because they think no one is watching them.

Stickk has helped many porn addicts become porn-free by providing them with structured rules that outline what to do if they suddenly quit the NoFap Challenge or try to better themselves. Stickk also allows you to bet money on your progress. Because the stakes are high and they do not want to lose money, most porn addicts will not relapse and will go on to recover from their porn addictions.

  • Streaks

Streaks is a to-do list type of app that helps you develop and maintain healthy habits. This is another tracker that can be used to help people, who are on NoFap journeys. Whenever you complete a daily task, the streak is extended. Streaks allow you to choose or create up to 12 tasks. Researchers suggest that working on tasks every day can help you form new habits.

If you break the chain, your “streak” will go back to zero days. Some tasks are daily and some are longer. With Streak, you can set your days, so you do not break your streak or progress. You can easily track your results and view your task statistics, making it an effective motivator.

  • Panda Planner

Panda Planner is a paper-based tracker that can help you get your life back on track. Panda Planner may be especially effective for people, who are addicted to porn and those, who are addicted to masturbating to porn. This tracker helps you regain control of your behavior.

For NoFappers, this tracker can help you track the amount of time you have refrained from masturbating to porn and your progress overall. A 2021 clinical trial found that writing down goals and tasks can prompt people to take action. So, unlike online trackers, Streaks believe it is beneficial to document the steps you are taking, the time spent trying to recover from porn/masturbation addiction, and the progress you have made.

  • Habitica

Habitica is an interactive habit tracker that NoFappers can use to help them “reboot their brains” and kick their porn habits. This tracker actually makes nofapping fun. Habitica is based on RPG games, where you earn perks and “level up” as you track your progress. With Habitica, you accumulate points for staying on track, which can be used to upgrade your avatar. This makes tracking your progress entertaining and fun.

Habitica can motivate NoFappers to progress in the game by getting rid of “bad habits” (i.e., masturbating to porn) and developing healthy ones (i.e., exercising, volunteering, etc.). Habitica is the only habit-tracking app that is not solely designed to “track habits,” it also allows you to play games, and complete tasks with friends and loved ones. The result? You will probably end up using Habitica a lot because of its engaging games.

  • No Fap: Quit Porn Forever

NoFap: Quit Porn Forever is a NoFap tracking app that was created to help you monitor or “track” your NoFap progress (i.e., how many days you have refrained from masturbating to porn). More specifically, it was designed to motivate you to continue the arduous journey of becoming porn-free with joy, faith, and hope. This tracker offers its NoFap users an opportunity to be rewarded with new themes and titles when they progress or accomplish milestones. NoFap: Quit Porn Forever has a simple interface, runs smoothly, and is customizable.

This app also keeps track of your past attempts to quit porn, in an effort to help you do better than previously. The only hang-ups with this tracker are you cannot sync it to other devices, which means it is possible to lose your progress if your device crashes, and users are no accountability reminders as you try to reach your milestones, like not masturbating to porn for a week, a month, or several months.

  • Man Don’t Fap

Man Don’t Fap is a one-stop NoFap tracking app for addiction recovery, especially porn addiction, with several other self-help features that can inspire users to stop their addictions, and reclaim their pre-porn lives. Unlike other apps, Man Don’t Fap does so much more than just count how many days have passed since you began the NoFap Challenge.

This tracker offers NoFappers wallpapers they can use on the app, count vs. attempts or the number of days you have tried to stop masturbating to porn, the lessons you learned from your relapses, etc. Man Don’t Fap has several features, such as the “streak-o-meter,” which tracks your “ progress streak” of forgoing porn and masturbation in your effort to combat your addiction, “battles,” where you can compete with friends or loved ones, who are also going through their own NoFap journeys.

Users can gain points by having a consistent “streak,” engaging in healthy daily habits, and inspiring their competitors. At the end of the week, the user with the most points wins the battle. Other features include a panic button, in case you start to have urges to use porn and masturbate, communities to provide support as you combat your porn addiction, relapse journaling, accountability checks, stats, daily articles and videos, etc. 

  • Rewire Companion: Say No to Fapping

Rewire Companion: Say No to Fapping is a NoFap tracker that helps users commit to not fapping or masturbating to porn. This tracker is designed to help you “break free” of porn and fapping or masturbating to porn images and videos. The goal of Rewire Companion is to motivate you to quit porn or quit masturbating to porn. This tracker has a strong community, which is instrumental in helping you accomplish your goals and milestones.

While this is an effective tracker, there are some challenges associated with it such as if your device crashes or if you have to switch devices you will be forced to start over at ground zero. Rewire Companion also offers a “badge system,” where users are rewarded for small wins. It allows users to set progressive goals, which means that NoFappers do not have to worry about future goals, such as refraining from masturbating to porn for 30 days.

Rather, this tracker endorses addressing one goal at a time. Rewire Companion also boasts an urge button for when urges to view porn or masturbate to porn and pop-up quotes from people, who have successfully recovered from their porn/masturbation addiction.

  • Stop M

Stop M is a NoFap tracking app that can help you to control your masturbation/porn addiction. More specifically, this tracker helps you

identify the origin of your porn/masturbation habit. Thus, the Stop M tracker can inspire you to fight your porn/masturbation addiction. This NoFap tracker encourages you to go at least 30 days without masturbating to porn. Stop M is based on a milestone-trophy system that rewards you for making progress on your quest to become “porn-free.”

This tracking app has eye-catching designs, cool profile names, and short intervals or NoFap timeframes. Most users praise its effectiveness and appreciate the “badges” concept. Every time you accept a challenge, you are given a “badge.” The “badges” are used to motivate porn/masturbation addicts to pursue their goals. Stop M also has a supportive community that can help you connect with others, who know and understand your journey.


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